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At Greenden, our philosophy is simple: High Quality Floral Wire at Economic Cost for Export! Greenden particular strengths lie in the fields of painted wire and floral wire materials, and is able to offer a range of products and services including: painted floral wire, floral stem wire, paddle wire, bright floral wire, paper covered floral wire, copper floral wire, coated floral wire, small coil florist wire, wooden stick packing florist wire and cut floral wire. Other related products like floral pins are also available. Colors and sizes of wire can be custom made. Standard wire diameter for florist craft wire ranges from normally 0.10mm to 2.0mm. Greenden is committed to enhancing its position as a China supplier of quality floral wire and services. To this end, Greenden espouses the principles of quality system management according to internationally recognized standards such as ISO 9001.
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Company: Greenden Florist Wire Factory
Add: 5 Dongfanghong Road, Dezhou, China
Area: China/Shandong
Tel: 86-534-2114720
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